Master thesis developed by researchers of RESET team receive several awards

The master thesis of Jose A. Ruiperez Valiente, which was supervised by Pedro J. Muñoz Merino, has received several awards. This master thesis is titled as “Design and Implementation of a Learning Analytics Module for the Khan Academy Platform” and both the author and supervisor are researchers of the RESET team.

This master thesis describes an approach to deal with the problem of making sense of raw data in educational environments. A part of this master thesis a set of indicators related to the learning process and also the visualization dashboard ALAS-KA were developed. Afterwards both the indicators and ALAS-KA were used to evaluate the learning process of students using Khan Academy platform. Currently ALAS-KA software is open source. The results have been very satisfactory including receiving the next following awards:

This master thesis is strongly related to the objectives of RESET project, as its goal its to observe, analyze and act accordingly to the results provided by the learning analytics dashboard in digital educational experiences such as MOOCs or SPOCs. These learning analytics tool can help improve the learning process for both instructors and students, and also provide different indicators that can enhance particularization and adaptation of educational environments.


ALAS-KA Demo Video